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Fulwood Old Chapel - a unitarian meeting place

8a Whiteley Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield S10 4GL

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Fulwood Old Chapel                  


- a unitarian meeting place -

Fulwood Old Chapel                  

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A Message from Rev Maud Robinson

On 5th July we will be opening our chapel for services which will also be recorded as over the past few week on zoom. However, becuase of the restrictions inplace, only those who reply to the invitation can attend. Please see the poster opposite for details.


However, we are still continuing to uplaod the service as a pdf which you can download..  I invite you to join with me in community at 11am each Sunday, by lighting a chalice (any kind of candle or tea light will make a perfectly acceptable chalice) and spending some time reading the service  - either out loud, or quietly to yourself.


If you wish to join the online service then please email me at for an invitation.


There is something very powerful in knowing that we are joining together with others at the same time, with the same intention, even if we are not in the same building.


Please don't hesitate to ring me for any kind of pastoral support, or just for a chat (my numbers are below). If I can't answer when you ring, please do leave a message and I will ring you back as soon as I am able.


During this challenging and difficult time I send much love and many blessings to all of you and your loved ones




Maud Robinson

Minister with Underbank and Fulwood Unitarians in Sheffield

0114-233 1672

07305-074 372

Coronavirus has taken it's toll on us all.

Please keep watching this space for more information

Issues of the Messenger have been put on hold for the foreseaable future and all activities have been cancelled until further notice.


We are now providing services that you can download as pdf's to read offline.


You can also watch the service live on zoom each Sunday morning at 11am. Please email Rev Maud Robinson at


We ask that you be careful and please keep safe.

fulwood facebook Service for Sunday 5th July services limited